• Matt Wells

Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

We get it. Cyclists can be a finicky bunch. We’re hard to shop for because we already have every gizmo out there. However, the great(expensive) thing about the bike industry is the constant innovation. While it may hurt our wallets, we as cyclists can’t resist shiny new toys. To help find that perfect gift for the cyclist in your life we have a compiled a list of our favorite things below. We have all of these products in stock and ready for those panicked last minute shopping excursions.

Niterider Lumina 1200 Light - $109.99

This reasonably priced light packs a big punch in a small package. For the beginner night rider, or the seasoned pro, the Lumina provides ample light for all of your rides after dark. I can be mounted to your handlebars or helmet, and its rechargeable battery is built in allowing for a very small overall size and weight. Don't let shorter days limit your riding!

Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit - $109.99

Are you the type of cyclist who likes to work on your own bike? Then this is the kit for you. It contains all of the necessary tools to perform basic home maintenance on your trusty steed. It even comes in a case that keeps your tools organized and ready for travel.

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Work Stand - $269.99

Now that you have a fancy tool kit, the next step to becoming the ultimate home mechanic is a quality work stand. Gone are the days of turning your bike upside down to work on it. You don’t want to scratch that expensive seat, or those new grips, do you? The Pro Elite work stand from Feedback is Matt’s favorite portable work stand(and he’s tried them all).

Trigger Point Foam Roller - $29.99

Tired of your sweaty significant other always asking for massages when they get home from a bike ride? Well, buy them this foam roller and tell them to do it themselves. Trigger Point’s foam roller is the best on the market, and will relieve those sore muscles from all the extra riding you are planning for next year.

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD - Various prices

After you torture yourself with that foam roller, some CBD will help reduce inflammation and speed up recovery time. We have a variety of products from Floyd’s in stock.

Park Tool Pizza Cutter - $16.99

It’s shaped like a bike. It cuts pizza. What more could the cyclist who already has everything want?

Smith Session Helmet - $160

We can’t stress enough how important your brain is. How old is your helmet? How many times has it been dropped or crashed in? Do you hate how it looks? Smith has managed to pack the best safety technology into a great looking package with the Session without totally breaking the bank.

Stumptown Coffee - $13.99-15.99

Everyone knows that people who ride bikes are coffee snobs. So obviously we stock the best coffee in the world. Perfect for when you have no idea what to buy someone, or for your own enjoyment. Trust us, Christmas morning with the in-laws is always better with coffee.

Black Burro Branded Merch - Various prices

Support your favorite local bike shop. We have pint glasses, coffee mugs, water bottles, t-shirts and hats. All branded merchandise is on sale through Christmas too!

Hope this was helpful! Just so you know, we are planning on closing from Christmas Eve through early January. We will keep you updated with exact dates. It is time for us to take a break and refuel for 2020. Thank you so much for all your support this year! We are looking forward to an even more exciting year next year! This dream wouldn't be possible without every single one of you.


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